Who is Omni MLS?

Omni Multiple Listing Service (Omni MLS) is Mexico’s largest and most recognized subscriber-based multiple listing service. We are dedicated to serving more than 100,000 real estate professionals from every state of Mexico.

Our purpose

We inspire real estate professionals to adapt their work to technology related products that will organize the real estate industry in México.

our mission

We license, develop and deliver reliable technology products that improve; productivity, profitability and the lives of real estate professionals.

our vision

We are destined to be the trusted industry leader that utilizes real estate data to improve user productivity and ultimately give sellers and buyers the best service offered by the real estate community.

Omni MLS:

Making an Impact Across Latin America

Providing the real estate professional with technology tools that are connected to all countries in the Americas.

Why Our Technology Products?

Omni MLS is providing Real Estate Associations technology (AsocTec) aimed at elevating the real estate profession and growing membership with like-minded professionals.

Industry Leaders driving technology to your fingertips.

We are determined to deliver leading-edge technology solutions to your business. Award-winning digital solutions that will increase your productivity, and profitability, and of course bring your Buyers and Sellers the best service ever offered! We look forward to your success and our solution to your needs.

Our Software Solution has 800,000+ Satisfied REALTORS!

The premier Multiple Listing Service in the United States and Canada will now be available to you, too!

The MLS + The Real Estate Association = Your success!