AMPI - Los Cabos

AMPI – Los Cabos is part of the National Association of Real Estate Professionals that have, since 1956, gathered under laws and codes of ethics and conduct to create a reliable, trustworthy, and efficient real state environment in Mexico.  Each section has its own Board of directors and there is also a National AMPI Directors Council.
AMPI is the organization that creates and reforms the laws, norms, and rules related to real estate activity. It is also a guarantee of the professionalism of this industry.

CEPIBC - Baja California

Consejo Estatal de Profesionales Inmobiliarios de Baja California A.C.  This is the State Association of Associations.  CEPIBC is comprised of the 11 real estate associations in Baja California Norte.  5 Sections from API, 5 Sections from AMPI and 1 Section from ASAI.

SUMA Inmobiliarias - Toluca

Our mission is to be a private, non-governmental organization, that brings together individuals who provide their professional real estate services in Toluca and the metropolitan zone, under its bylaws and a code of ethics; for the comprehensive training of its associates, honoring real estate best practices and to help protect private property rights.

UPIM - México

Great efforts and perseverance translate into great achievements! That’s why you should never look down until you reach the horizon!

CAPI - Los Cabos

A community of experts, scholars, and students seeking progress in the real estate industry.

At CAPI, we are committed to dynamic learning and professional growth and development. We motivate our members and students to ask practical questions, explore the professional certifications we can grant, and encourage in a society with ethical values, and experts in doing business. We include all the associations that are dedicated to this profession.

We bring you the Technology to grow your association

Real Estate Associations are why we exist. Omni MLS works day and night to find the very best real estate technology and licenses it to bring it to its members. When real estate associations partner with Omni MLS, they finally have the tools needed to attract independent agents to join their association. Members follow a code of ethics and when partnered with Omni MLS, they also must follow a strict set of Rules and Regulations.
When both organizations work together, the consumers benefit because of the increased transparency, accountability, and standards.


When your real estate association is ready to provide the very best real estate technology tools to your members as member benefits, sign up with us and become one of our many association partners.  It’s very simple.  Contact our sales department.  Speak with one of our sales representatives, and tell them that you’d like to provide the Omni MLS technology to your members.  Our representative will send you an agreement to review and sign and after that, we’ll provide the AMS (Association Management System) so that you control who has access to our technology.  You’ll also be included in the steering committee which helps the MLS to evolve in the best interest of the real estate industry.